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Ichalkaranji is one of the most important textile trade centres in India known as ‘Manchester of India Maharashtra’. The Dhoties, Sarees, Cotton textile items and nowadays many varieties of synthetic fabrics are produced in Ichalkaranji and marketed not only throughout India but also exported to many countries.

While Ichalkaranji is India’s most important centre for the textile industry, it is also a hub for various advanced industries.

Ichalkaranji DKTES

Development of engineering industry in Ichalkaranji can be traced to the 2nd World War period when Shri. Shankarrao Kulkarni, a master craftsman, returned from Kirloskarwadi and started a small workshop to produce Diesel Engines and textile components.

Due to the wartime situation, imported Diesel Engines and other equipment were not available. The situation has induced small entrepreneurs in Kolhapur and Ichalkaranji to go for the production of such items, which were not available. From this period the roots of diversified engineering industry have spread around the Ichalkaranji Towns During 1970 Shri. Panditrao Kulkarni started the production of Hardness Tester Machines.

IEA - Ichalkaranji Engineering Association Spools Threads

He was honoured with National Award by Invention Promotion Board. After that, he started the production of a full range of material testing equipment viz. Dynamic Balancing Machines, Vertical Balancing Machines, Impact Testing Machine, Erichsen Testing Machines, Universal Testing Machines, Wheel Balancing Machines, etc. All these products are built in accordance with rigid international standards and exported to more than 30 countries.

Today more than 400 units are engaged in the Engineering field at Ichalkaranji. They produce Electric Motors, Electronic Equipment’s, Graded C. I. Castings, Foundry Machinery, Textile Machinery, Humidification Plants, Submersible Pumps, Flour Mills, Pulverisers, Power Pounding Machines, Drilling Machines, Hacksaw Machines, Power looms etc.

IEA - Ichaklaranji Engineering Association grinding machine
IEA - Ichaklaranji Engineering Association metalworking industry
IEA - Ichaklaranji Engineering Association cnc laser metal cutting

Ichalkaranji is a most important centre for components subcontracts, a large number of units in Ichalkaranji produce components for Telco, Bajaj Auto, Kirloskar, Maruti Udyog, Escorts, Mahindra.

Ichalkaranji is situated in Kolhapur District, 30 km from Kolhapur and also from Sangli and Miraj. Every type of infrastructural facility is available in Ichalkaranji for the new entrepreneur to start his industry, we welcome new entrepreneurs.

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